Mount Hood Organic Farms is proud to announce that Brady and John, with the help of their daughters, are collaborating with Nate Ready, Geoff Burke, and China Tresemer from Hiyu to create Biodynamic cider from the farm. We are still working on our company name and label.

Our first cider was pressed in 2014 and included 12 varieties of heirloom and cider apples. The cider was fermented naturally and aged for a year in barrels. In the fall of 2015 we bottled it with fresh cider from the 2015 pressing to induce a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is aging on the lees of the second fermentation and we plan to bottle small amounts this summer. Nothing else is added to our cider—no sulfites, no sugar, no yeast. It is dry, complex and evokes the essence of the apples, our land and its relationship to Mt Hood. The glacial river that flow through our property give it a particular minerality.

We continue to graft and make our own cider apple trees (10,000 in the last two years) and now have 55 cider specific varieties with a total of over 70 varieties of apples and 9 pears, plus quince, on 60 acres of orchard and 200 acres of land. All USDA Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic. Our cider will change as our young trees mature and our cider mix changes to include an ever greater diversity of the American, French and English sharps, bitter sharps and bittersweets, as well as quince and crab apples.