Come see at the Hollywood Farmers Market
September 26!

For special Farmers Market orders, please email Joy at mounthoodorganicfarms@aol.com.

Fruit sales begin at the farm on September 26
Hours: 10am - 5pm daily
*Weddings end October 4. Until then, there will be an alternate fruit stand set up at the front gate and you will need to park there.
If possible, we would appreciate it if you brought bags or boxes. Please leave your pets at home because we have our own. Prices vary by variety, size, and grade and range from $.50/lb to $2.50/lb

Apple House: (541) 352-7123 (Please don’t call on wedding weekends after 3pm)

Apples and Pears available at the farm until we are sold out--usually by February 1.

The 60 acres of orchards not only provide a scenic foreground for stunning landscapes of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, but also offer an insider's view of a working farm that produces 1.2 million pounds and 20 varieties of apples and pears each year. In fact, the Hood River Valley's farms grow 30 percent of the nation's winter pears.

Although the farm dates to the turn of the century (the main farmhouse was built in 1904), John and Brady Jacobson began working the orchards in 1981. Inspired by European techniques and committed to sustainable land use, the Jacobsons undertook an extensi\ve orchard renovation and transition to organic farming that resulted in full organic certification in 1989 - the first farm in the valley to achieve this status. Numerous publications from The Oregonian to the Good Fruit Grower have written articles about the farm, and the BBC and PBS have also interviewed and filmed here.

As better reflects their view of the importance of the integration of the natural landscape and wildlife into their farming practices, and returning to the deeper origins of the organic movement, Brady and John have now become Biodynamic® growers (see certificate). They also take pride in selling directly to loyal customers of the farm, as well as to regional markets, and donate a portion of their produce to School Aid®, a program in partnership with local markets and the Oregon Food Bank.

Apples Quince Cider Apples Crab Apples Pears
Ambrosia Bramtot Chestnut Cascade
Arkansas Black Brown’s Hewe’s Comice
Ashmead’s Kernal/dual purpose Bulmer’s Norman Red Giant Cider d’Anjou
Baldwin/dual purpose Dabinette Whitney Green Bartlett
Blenheim Orange/dual purpose Domaine Wickson Golden Russet Bosc
Blue Pearmain/dual purpose Ellis Bitter Red Bartlett
Bramley’s Seedling/dual purpose Harrison Red d’Anjou
Calville Blanc d’Hiver/dual purpose Harry Master’s Jersey Starkrimson
Candycrisp Karmine de Sonjaville Warren
Corail Kingston Black
Cox Orange Pippin/dual purpose Medaille d’Or
Crispin/dual purpose Michelin
Criterion Nehou
Elstar Niedzwetzkyana
Empire Porter’s Perfection
Enterprise Redfield
Fiesta Roxbury Russet
Gala Tom Putt
Gold Rush/dual purpose Tremblett’s Bitter
Golden Russet/dual purpose Yarlington Mill
Grimes Golden/dual purpose
Hudson’s Golden Gem/dual purpose
Indian Summer
Kidd’s Orange Red/dual purpose
Maiden’s Blush/dual purpose
Mollies Delicious
Mountain Rose
Newtown Pippin/dual purpose
Pomme Gris/dual purpose
Red Cortland/dual purpose
Red Gravenstein/dual purpose
Reine de Reinettes/dual purpose
Ribston Pippin/dual purpose
Sierra Beauty
Spitzenberg/dual purpose
St. Edmund’s Russet/dual purpose
Swaar/dual purpose
Sweet Coppin/dual purpose
Swiss Gourmet