About the Farm

The 50 acres of apple and pear orchards on the farm's 205 acre property not only provide a scenic foreground for the stunning landscapes of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier, but also offer an insider's view of a working farm that grows 87 varieties of apples, pears and quince. The 7o varieties of apples are grown on dwarfing root stocks and planted 3 feet apart in a tall slender spindle trellised system. John has grafted and made many of the thousands of trees, and his grafting hands are immortalized by Getty Images in their library of stock photos.

Brady and John were pioneers in the organic movement and Mt. Hood Organic Farms was the first certified organic commercial orchard in the state of Oregon. The farm is also a Demeter certified Biodynamic® farm, which is considered natural land stewardship at its best. It is the highest paradigm of sustainable farming, offering one of the smallest carbon footprints of any agricultural method. Biodynamic® farmers work in cooperation with nature's rhythms, using organic, holistic methods to create a self-contained, self-sustaining ecosystem, while producing the most vital food available.

The farm is set against a magnificent natural backdrop where all manner of wildlife abounds, and hawks, eagles, and osprey circle above. The landscape has been gently and artfully sculpted to create open fields, ponds, a lake, and a myriad of gardens and wildflower insectaries that provide food for bees and habitat for beneficial insects to help control harmful pests. Compost teas and BD preparations are regularly used to aid in the health of the orchard.

Farm Details

  • Fruit sales begin at the farm on October 7 and continue until approximately January 31.
  • Please email us to place an order for available fruit prior to the fruit stand opening.
  • Hours: 10am-5pm daily until mid-November. Call for weekend hours after mid-November.

Farm Policies

  • Please drive slowly
  • Please leave your pets at home or in the car because we have our own
  • Prices vary by variety, size, and grade. They range from $.50/lb to $2.50/lb
  • Please don't call for pricing
  • We are not a U-Pick farm
  • If possible, please bring your own bags or boxes so we don't have to charge for boxes
  • We are closed to the public the rest of the season except for October through January.

Apple Varieties

Ambrosia Arkansas Black Ashmead Kernal/dual purpose
Bramley’s Seedling/dual purpose Calville Blanc d’Hiver/dual purpose Candycrisp
Corail Cox Orange Pippin/dual purpose Crispin/dual purpose
Criterion Elstar Empire
Enterprise Fiesta Gala
Golden Russet Grimes Golden/dual purpose Honeycrisp
Hudson’s Golden Gem/dual purpose Idared Indian Summer
Jonagold Kidd’s Orange Red/dual purpose Macoun
Madeline Maiden’s Blush/dual purpose Mollies Delicious
Mountain Rose Newtown Pippin/dual purpose Pomme Gris/dual purpose
Pristine Red Cortland/dual purpose Red Gravenstein/dual purpose
Reine de Reinettes/dual purpose Ribston Pippin/dual purpose Rubinette
Spitzenberg/dual purpose Splendor St. Edmund’s Russet/dual purpose
Swaar/dual purpose Sweet Coppin/dual purpose Swiss Gourmet

Cider Varieties

Bitter Pew Bramtot Brown’s
Bulmer’s Norman Cap of Liberty Chisel Jersey
Dabinette Domaines Ellis Bitter
Frequin Rouge Harrison Harry Master’s Jersey
Karmine de Sonjaville Kermerrien Kingston Black
Medaille d’Or Michelin Muscat de Bernay
Muscat de Dieppe Nehou Porter’s Perfection
Redfield Roxbury Russet Shavel Sharp
Sommerset Redstreak Tom Putt Tremblett’s Bitter
Yarlington Mill

Crab Apple Varieties

Chestnut Hewe’s
Red Giant Cider Whitney
Wickson Niedzwetzkyana

Pear Varieties

Abate Fetel Barland Barnet
Canal Rouge Cascade Comice
d’Anjou Green Bartlett Golden Russet Bosc
Passe Crassane Red Bartlett Red d’Anjou
Romanian Perry Starkrimson Tayton Squash
Theilersbirne Warren Yellow Huffcap

Contact the Apple House

Please direct all fruit-related inquiries to the Apple House at (541) 399-4106. See the Wedding and Contact pages for additional contact information.